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Online Booking » Accept Credit Cards

Guest Centre - Reservation and Guest Management System - Turn your reservation system into a marketing tool.

Visit Guest Centre.com now for more information

With Guest Centre, you can:

Manage your telephone and e-mail enquiries effectively
Guest Centre allows you to send your telephone and e-mail enquiries quotations
with an expiry date; the guests can confirm the offer by credit card, instant bank
transfer or by printing a pro-forma invoice and paying by off-line bank transfer
(for your travel agents & corporpate clients).

Accept online bookings from your website (optional)
With Guest Centre, we let you choose whether you would like to accept online
bookings or not; one simple click in the system will turn the online booking facility
on or off; you can also decide for each room individually whether you would like to
make the room available for online bookings or not.

Increase your conversion rates
Guest Centre's simple online enquiry and booking process, reminders for expiring
offers, and different payment option has proven to increase conversion rates by up to 50%.

Invite your guests to write a review and publish reviews on your website
Guest Centre automatically sends an e-mail to your guests a few days after the stay
with a thank-you note and an invitation to rate their stay. You can publish these reviews
then to your own website with one simple mouse click.

Manage your guests effectively
With Guest Centre, each guest has an own guest profile, allowing you to capture a
number of additional information about yoru guests such as the segment (individual,
corporate, travel agent, tour operator) as well as define groups for your guests and store
additional information such as likes and dislikes, the guests birthday, and much more.
Each guest profiles also contains information about the guests previous stays and how
the guest rated the previous stays.

Build your brand
Guest Centre's integrated newsletter function allows you to send newsletters & promotions
to all your guests or only certain groups, ie corporate travelers, travel agents,
tour operators or individual travelers.

Increase your repeat business
A simple to manage loyalty discount for your repeat visitors is an attractive way to
ensure guests who stayed with you return or book for their family & friends.

Manage enquiries and bookings more efficiently
Solid management controls in all areas of your business, from quotations, to
reservation management, deposit tracking and management, invoices, debtors,
refunds and commission management.

Make better business decisions
Measure the performance of your business and make decisions where best to spend your marketing budget on.  

Quick Set-up
No software installation required, set-up can be completed within less than 20 minutes -
accept online bookings from your own website within less than 24 hours. Manage several
properties within one system with one user account and at one affordable flat fee.

Local Service
Our friendly staff is ready to assist by phone, e-mail, online chat or skype.

Visit Guest Centre.com now for more information

How do I know this is for me?
Are you currently using two or more different systems to send offers to your
guests and to accept online bookings and credit card payments?
Are you still sending booking forms to your guests?
Are you paying expensive monthly fees for a credit card facility?
Do you only accept payments by bank transfer?
Are you creating invoices manually in Word or Excel?
Does your system allows you to offer loyalty discounts without of the guest
having to remember login details?

If your answer to any of the above questions is "yes", then we are 100% sure
Guest Centre will make a big difference in the way you run your establishment!

Visit Guest Centre.com now for more information

Phone 021 556 3469
E-mail info@guestcentre.com
Website www.guestcentre.com
Booksure™ is a secure online booking and payment system that allows you to take enquiry-based bookings through your own website and accept credit card payments securely via the internet.

Booksure™ allows you to accept secure bookings and credit card payments online no matter how your guest approaches you - via the internet, email, telephone or as a walk in. Booksure™ has been designed specifically for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, apartments and other independent accommodation. Booksure™ is not a Real Time system.

What does this mean?
  • Guests can enquire directly from your own website
  • Guests can pay immediately for their booking online from anywhere in the world at any time, as soon as they have received confirmation from you that accommodation is available.
  • You and your guest pay NO Commission.
  • Booksure ensures that all your booking information is organised and stored securely online - making it easily accessible to you no matter where you are in the world.
  • Fax 0861 115 118
    E-mail info@booksure.com
    Website www.booksure.com
    PayToStay is a South African initiative wholly owned and driven by PriceTag, an e-commerce service-provider serving South African accommodation merchants and their clients.

    If you are a South African accommodation agent and you are not yet accepting online payments, why not make use of this opportunity to enhance your business?

    PayToStay provides participating accommodation merchants with a secure e-commerce facility that makes it possible to accept credit card payments over the Internet from virtually anywhere in the world. These payments may be for deposits for reservations or settling the whole account.

    Because guests can effect payment to you the merchant by means of PayToStay from the safety of their own homes using their personal computers or any other Internet-connected computer, they are saved the aggravation, time and expense of physically going through the normal process of sending cheques, money orders, etc., by post. Merchants are advised via email as soon as payment is received from a guest and the guest is likewise also sent an email confirming his or her payment.

    Payments received from guests are transferred electronically to merchants' bank accounts on a weekly basis. PayToStay is an extremely cost effective service with low subscription and transaction fees.
    Phone 021-939 6875
    E-mail info@pricetag.co.za
    Website www.paytostay.co.za
    Prebook Real Time Booking & Payment System

    Prebook is a complete real time booking and payment management system. It is easy to install and even easier to use. With nationwide support and the endorsement of First National Bank, the system will give you immediate access and exposure on the web.

    Specifically designed for guest houses, hotels, lodges and game reserves, Prebook offers you a user friendly and efficient booking system that accepts credit card and internet bookings and automatically manages the invoicing and payment processing. No more double bookings and less admin means more free time for you to build your business. 

    Read more about Preebook or download Prebook.

    Prebook Real Time Booking & Payment System offers you:

    • You will never have another double booking and you will always know your current and forward booking status.
    • Prebook takes the effort out of managing your bookings by efficiently doing the following for you:
    • Providing you with a user friendly easy to use booking system.
    • Accepting automated internet bookings and credit card payments around the clock from your own website as well as other portals.
    • Managing telephone, fax and walk-in bookings.
    • Automatic invoicing and payment processing.
    • Reporting features will provide you an up to date status of your business whenever required.
    Phone 0861-PreBook (0861-773266)
    E-mail enquiries@prebook.net
    Website www.prebook.net
    Paybridge credit card gateway from nightsbridge - aimed at establishments who cannot justify the full price and process of becoming a credit card merchant themselves.

    If you sign up with PayBridge, online booking deposits will automatically be deducted and paid into your own bank account. In addition, you will have the facility to process credit cards for all your other bookings as well (e.g. phone/email/walk-in bookings). The system uses the web to enter credit card details; no machine or software installation is required.

    Paybridge costs you only R80 per month. Transactions will be subject to a commission of 2.5% and payments made to you will have a bank fee of R2.85. (If you do several transactions in one day, a lump sum transfer is made and the bank fee applies only once.) All these prices exclude VAT.

    nightsbridge also offers you:
  • An easy-to-use booking system.
  • Quick to install and set up.
  • Integration to Innkeeper, Hotelier, Panstrat, Guestmanager and others.
  • You update one booking calendar.
  • We update many websites & agents.
  • Payment system with great credit card rates.
  • Or link your existing merchant account.
  • NEW: Create online Packages and Special Offers.
  • International travel agent GDS links.

  • nightsbridge is a service that enables you, as a guesthouse or B&B, to take realtime, online bookings through any websites you choose. We provide your up-to-the-second room availability to potential guests through your own website or accommodation sites nightsbridge partners with. Guests can check availability, book and pay online in one go.
    Contact Neil & Theresa Emerick
    Phone 021 790 9910
    E-mail info@nightsbridge.co.za
    Website www.nightsbridge.co.za
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